1964 Phillies vs 2007 Mets

The 1964 Phils or the 2007 Mets. Who was the bigger choker? The answer: the 2007 Mets. On September 12, 2007, the New York Mets had a 99.4% chance to make the playoffs. The Phillies had a 1.2% chance to win the division. In comparison, the best chance the 1964 Phillies had of making the playoffs was on September 20th, when they had a 96.3% chance. The Cardinals (who did make the playoffs) had a 1.5% chance to make the playoffs on that date. That, however, is not the greatest collapse ever. That belongs to the 1995 Angels. They had a 99.9% of making the playoffs on August 24th and had a 98.9% as late as September 12th. They then proceeded to lose 9 straight and lost a one game playoff to the Mariners. The infamous 1951 Dodgers are 2nd (of Ralph Branca and Bobby Thompson fame), then the Mets are 3rd. The ’64 Phils are 8th. Of course, people in LA don’t see their city through the prism of the ’95 Angels like we do with the ’64 Phils. You can kill a lot of time with this: here’s the biggest chokes in baseball history.

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