The Fog Game

The Sabres and Flyers met in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1975 (The divisions were quite different then, and there were only 18 teams in the whole league.) They had tied for the most points in the regular season, and the town of Buffalo was so excited about their team they released a terrible song called “We’re Gonna Win that Stanley Cup”. Seriously.

The Flyers won the first two games handily, so the Sabres went into Game 3 desperately needing a win. They would get it, but not before things got really weird.

A bat began flying around the arena, and distracting the players and the fans. Finally, Buffalo center Jim Lorentz decided to take a swat at it. He killed it. In true horror movie fashion, a few minutes later, a creepy fog began rising from the ice (it was an unusually humid May in Buffalo, thus causing the fog). The fog got so bad that soon the players couldn’t see the puck. Nonetheless, play resumed, and the Sabres ultimately won in overtime and went on to win Game 4 as well. The Flyers then took games 5 and 6 and hoisted the Stanley Cup Trophy. Since then, neither the Flyers not the Sabres have won a Stanley Cup. In Buffalo, many people blame Jim Lorentz for cursing the team.

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  1. Creighton Rabs says:

    Listened to 20 seconds of that horrible sound clip masquerading as a Buffalo Sabres Stanley Cup song. It makes Chelsea Dagger sound like Stairway to Heaven. Picture the cheesiest Beatles song mashed up with some idiot songwriter from Buffalo and this is what happens.

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