Who’s the Eagles Worst Ever Draft Pick?

When discussion turns to the Eagles worst draft picks, there are a lot to choose from. Jon Peters was a bust, as was Leroy Keyes. Bernard Williams had a lot of talent, but loved getting high more than he loved playing football. A lot of people throw Jon Harris into the mix, and Kevin Allen was a disaster. Mike Mamula seems to make every list, although he twice had 8 sacks in a season and probably should have been used as a linebacker instead of a DE. But none of these players was selected ahead of 5 future NFL Hall of Famers (though Keyes was picked ahead of 4 of them.)

Michael Haddix was a star running back at Mississippi State. The Eagles, who were coming off a 3-6 strike shortened season, saw that in the next few years star running back Wilbert Montgomery was going to need to be replaced. So when the #8 pick came to them, they decided to spend it on Haddix. It was a terrible pick, not only because Haddix didn’t live up to expectations, but because they passed on 4 future Hall of Famers who would be drafted in the first round and 5 overall. The Oilers had the pick after the Eagles, and selected future Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews, perhaps the greatest offensive lineman in NFL history. A few picks later, the Bills decided to select Jim Kelly. The round ended with the two teams who had met in that January’s Super Bowl, the Dolphins and the Redskins, selecting Dan Marino and Darrell Green. Again, two of the best to ever play their positions (Future Hall of Famer Richard Dent was selected in the 8th Round). When you add in the men selected before Haddix, such as Elway and Dickerson, this may have been the richest First Round in NFL history. And the Eagles got squat for it.

Haddix ran for 76 yards on 24 carries in his first game that September. It would prove to be the greatest game he ever played. By Week 4, he had scored two TDs, but his carries per game were quickly dropping. He would score one more touchdown for the rest of his career. He stayed on the team for 6 years however, eventually moving to fullback. His best season would come in 1986, when he ran for 276 yards (and 0 TDs). In his 6 years in Philly, he would rush for 1189 yards. The running back selected a few picks before him, Eric Dickerson, would rush for that many yards in the first 10 games of his career. Was he the worst pick ever? Hard to say. Leroy Keyes was pretty bad, was picked directly before the Steelers selected Mean Joe Greene, and had an even shorter career. But Haddix was picked ahead of one of the greatest linemen of all-time, greatest QBs of all time, and greatest CBs of all time.

That said, 1983 wasn’t a total loss for the Birds. They got Wes Hopkins in the 2nd round. Who do you think was the worst Eagles pick of all time?

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  1. Smitty says:

    Haddix is a great, underrated pick for worst of all time…but it’s gotta be Mamula solely because we traded up so high to get him. Then the team we traded with, the Bucs, took Warren Sapp with our pick.

  2. Lalli says:

    Not that I think he’s worse than Haddix, but what about Fred-Ex? Reid passed on Reggie Wayne and Ocho to draft Mr. “I’d like to thank my hands for being so good.”

  3. Opie Cunningham says:

    Michael Haddix is not even close, how about Kevin Allen in 86. Taken after him also at tackle was hall of famer Jim Lachey, other players available: Jerry Rice, Bernie Kosar.

    Even worse, he tested positive for cocaine right after they drafted him and the shortly after wne to jail for sexual assault and was banned from the nfl

    • Andy Banner says:

      Have to agree with Kevin Allen as the worst pick ever. Mamula was bad but we didn’t use him properly and he still had 1 or 2 decent years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Haddix definitely not the worst of all time. Mamula definitely takes the cake

  5. gman says:

    Mamula was a decent pass rush specialist. How can you say he was the worst draft pick when he was useful for a number of seasons? They took a chance with Kevin Allen and character issues were the problem. Back then the vetting process wasn’t as thorough as it is now. Haddix is a great choice. A top ten pick in a draft full of hall of famers who didn’t have any success at all. Jon Harris is my second pick followed by Danny Watkins, who didn’t like to play football.

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