When Phillies Relief Pitchers Drank During the Games

This hilarious nugget is from a book I just ordered, “To Every Thing a Season: Shibe Park and Urban Philadelphia“:

The 2700 block of North Twentieth Street was more intimately connected to baseball than any other part of North Penn. Across the street from the bleacher entrance was the obvious place for ballplayers to live. They also frequented the taproom at the corner of Twentieth and Lehigh, Kilroy’s until 1935 and later Charley Quinn’s Deep Right Field Cafe. Relief pitchers would leave the right field gate near the bullpen to tilt a few during the early innings of games in which the Phillies piled up a big lead.

Can you imagine Ryan Madsen heading over the McFadden’s to grab a couple of quick ones in the early innings of a blowout?

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