The Phillies All-Time All Moustache Team

Here ya go, the Phillies 25 man roster for their All Moustache team. First of all, a few ground rules: this was a moustache only affair, therefore Eric Bruntlett, Jayson Werth, and Steve Bedrosian could not make the squad. However, the players could have mutton chops or sideburns with their ‘stache and still have it considered a moustache (thus Garry Maddox and Al Holland.) Furthermore, we weren’t trying to create some sorry ass moustache team. We made sure to stock it with studs. Therefore there are numerous Hall of Famers, including some of the greatest Phillies ever to play the game. There are also a few utility players we simply couldn’t leave off the team because their ‘staches were simply too sweet. Finally, the players had to be on the team with the ‘stache. Therefore, Richie Allen, who had a sweet moustache, was left off the team because I believe he grew that sweet ‘stache when he went to the White Sox. Yes, Dan Brouthers is wearing a Detroit uniform, but he had a stache with the Phillies. And good news, there may be a new addition to the team soon. Clearwater outfielder Brian Gump is sporting a sweet moustache these days. Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments. And if you enjoy the video, please click “Like” below. Thanks!

5 Comments on “The Phillies All-Time All Moustache Team”

  1. Rick Schu's Stache says:

    What?! No Del Unser on the bench, but Cruz & Wockenfuss (okay, I can see Wock deserving a spot) make the cut? No Kevin Gross pornstache on the staff? This is an outrage!

  2. Deanna says:

    Spsrky Lyle–my favorite mustache!!

  3. Deanna says:

    Sparky Lyle–my favorite mustache!!

  4. Typo alert: It’s Garry Maddox. Two “R’s”

  5. The very first name I thought of was Warren Brusstar. I used to see him chopping wood, as he lived not too far from my house.

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