In Case You Were Curious…and You Were

On Monday night Vin Mazzaro of the Royals gave up an incredible 14 runs in 2 1/3 innings. It was statistically the worst pitching performance in modern baseball history. So let’s face it, you’re curious: what have been the worst performances All-Time by Phillies pitchers? Well in terms of runs allowed, 3 Phillies pitchers have allowed 14 or more runs in a game in the last 100 years. Strangely, all 3 times their opponents were the NY Giants.

In 1933, good ol’ Flint Rhem (left) gave up 21 hits and 16 runs in 8 innings. All of those runs were earned. Two years earlier, Dutch Schlesler had given up 16 runs, but only 14 of them earned, against those same Giants. And in 1947, Al Jurisch of the Phils gave up 14 runs in 8 splendid innings of work. In fact, only two teams have had as many as 3 pitchers give up 14 or more runs in a game…the Philadelphia Phillies and the Philadelphia A’s.

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  1. Lalli says:

    One of those A’s was Les “Buster” McCrabb. He gave up 14 ER in 4 innings of work in 1942 against the Red Sox. After that outing, he took a break from pitching in the major leagues to work on his father’s farm. Though he did throw some batting practice for the A’s starting in 1948. It’s crazy, but due to a roster error he actually made another appearance for the A’s in 1950 against the Red Sox in which he gave up 7 hits and 4 ER in one inning. So in two consecutive appearances (8 yrs apart), Buster gave up a total of 18 ER and 21 hits over 5 innings.

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