Robin Roberts Helps a 4th Grader With His Book Report

Phillies Nation lost one of their finest last year, when Robin Roberts passed away at age 83. Incredibly, despite the fact that he was considered one of the finest players in team history, he was perhaps better known for being such a gentleman. Well, add more fuel to that fire. I just stumbled across this story. Pretty freaking cool. It turns out that a few years ago a 4th grader named Kellen decided to write a book report on Roberts’ My Life in Baseball. And to make the project better, his father called Roberts and asked the Hall of Famer if his son could interview him. Roberts said sure. The result was a 4th grader interviewing one of the greatest pitchers in Phillies history.

This was not for exposure or PR. ESPN didn’t shoot video of the interview to show the whole world what a great guy Roberts was. This was simply a school project that was meant to be seen and heard by a small 4th grade class. The result can be heard above. The first minute is just music and pictures, but once the interview starts, Roberts tells some cool stories to an obviously star struck 4th grader. In the “Hey Everybody Look at Me! Era”, it’s refreshing to find stories like this.

Tip of the cap to Big League Stew for the info on this.

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