Very Cool Photo from 1901

Here’s a rather unusual photo of Matty McIntyre, who played for the A’s in 1901. Funny how it looks like he has shattered the glass with the throw. Matty played just one season for the A’s before he was shipped to Detroit. ┬áThe photo was possibly taken at Columbia Park at what is now 29th and Cecil B. Moore.

McIntyre had a few fairly successful seasons in Detroit, but he is best known for leading the Tigers players in their relentless hazing of Southern superstar Ty Cobb. McIntyre and Cobb hated each other, and refused to speak even when playing in the outfield together. There were several fistfights between the two men in the dugout. McIntyre hated Cobb so much that when Nap Lajoie edged Cobb for the batting title one year, Matty and a few other Tigers sent Lajoie a telegram congratulating him. McIntyre died in 1920 of kidney failure at age 39.

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