Phillies At Bat Music…in 2004

Today there is a column on PESC blog about the Phillies intro music, and what it tells us about each player. If you want to know what song every player on the Phils comes up to or warms up to, here’s the list.

Well after digging around a little, I found out what songs the Phils were coming up to bat to 7 years ago. Pretty funny stuff. Here are some highlights:

  • Before “Dirty Laundry”, Pat the Bat came up to Holy Diver by DIO. Pretty badass song to come to bat to.
  • It says that Jimmy Rollins comes up to the music of Bafia. Uh, who the hell is “Bafia”?
  • Jim Thome was coming to bat to The Who’s Can’t Explain. Strange Who song to bat to. I would think that Quadrophenia or Baba O’Riley would get you more fired up.
  • Bobby Abreu came out to Bravo de Verdad by Oscar D’Leon a musical legend in Venezuela. Probably one of the few guys ever to go to bat with a song from a guy in his 60s playing.
  • Jason Michaels, Mike Lieberthal, and Randy Wolf all came out to Linkin Park songs. Not surprisingly, none of them are still on the team.
  • Billy Wagner was closing for us then, and coming out to Enter Sandman.
  • Incredibly, Chase Utley, who now comes out to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, used to come out to We Like to Party by the Vengaboys. This had to be some sort of initiation. No way Chase chose this bull$hit himself.
  • Ok, well what about guys who are currently on our team but played elsewhere then? Raul Ibanez currently comes out to bat to Times Like These by the Foo Fighters. But back in 2004, he came out to artists of very different genres. He was on the Mariners then, and he batted to the rotation of Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon and Definition by Blackstar.
  • What about our boy Roy Halladay? He was in Toronto then, and he came out to pitch to the song Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor). His Blue Jay teammate Reed Johnson set the standard for worst song ever to come to bat to that year. He batted several times that year to She Bangs by William Hung.
  • Oh, and by the way, my at bat music would beĀ Gimme the Loot by Biggie Smallz.

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  1. Great article! Thanks for the link and follow-up.

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