Your Memories of Game 4 of the 1993 World Series

With the Phils taking on the Blue Jays this weekend, I asked people on facebook and twitter to send me their memories of the 1993 World Series. Most people sent in memories of Game 4 and 6. So we’ll split this up into two parts. Today, I’ll post people’s memories of Game 4, one of the most epic (and heartbreaking) games in World Series history. Tomorow, I’ll post the Game 6 memories. If you have any Game 6 memories of where you were when you watched Game 6, how you felt, what you remember, etc., post them on our wall on facebook or by emailing me at If anything below triggers any memories of Game 4, please feel free to comment in the comments section.

Rick: Went to Game 4 of the Series. Sat directly behind home plate, upper deck, 2nd row. Unbelievable perch to watch line drives being sprayed around the entire game. There was nothing but hitting in that game. I never had a good feeling in that game, even though the lead got up to 14-9.. Sometime in the middle of the game, fog and light rain started to roll in. Things became very eerie. Then Toronto started pounding the ball in the 7th and you could just feel the bad vibes. It was crushing to score 14 runs and lose.

D-Mac: I have attended one World Series game in my life. The Phillies lost, 15-14. The Eagles usually didn’t score 14 points when I went to see them play at the Vet. The Phillies did, and they lost. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Allen: A surreal night of so many ups and downs. I watched with a friend at a bar, somewhere near Horsham, I no longer remember the name of the place. The Phillies needed the win, and had it, several times, until that 8th inning that would never end. A 5-run lead with 6-outs should have been safe. I should have known better. I’d lived through the nightmares of 77, 78, and so many bad seasons between outside of 1980. I can still remember driving home, thinking: ‘Why did he take Anderson out? He was the only guy getting outs.’

Rob: I turned down tickets to the 15-14 game to play a non-playoff foot hockey game in woodhaven. They had a radio in the pen box so people were taking pens on purpose just to listen to game. When the ref caught on he stopped calling pens and it became a bloodbath.

Mike: I went to bed early during the 15-14 game. I woke up the next morning to see the highlights of the rest of the game and I remember hearing the Sportscenter guy say the words “…and then the floodgates opened” and my heart sank. I was in shock. I told my Mom I couldn’t go to school and she totally understood. I called into WIP for the first time that day but I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it so I just ranted about how much of a loser Shawn Bradley was.

Vaughn: I was at game 4. It seemed like we were screaming “WHOOT There it IS!!!” three times in every inning. When Gaston left middle reliever Frank Castillo in to bat for himself I told my friend the series was over.

D-Mac: There was an upside: About a half hour before the game started, a fan put up a giant “McCARVER SUCKS” sign in the 500 Level. Someone made him take it down, but for a few minutes it was glorious.

Mike Lalli:  My dad rought me to Game 4. Our seats were literally in the last row in right field at… the Vet. The game seemed miles away. He spied some seats in the lower level and by the 5th inning we were sitting in the 100 level behind the plate. I second Mr. Sandman above- “Whoomp, There it is” was all over the place. Tag Team even made an appearance at the game. I remember the song more than the game itself, which is a shame.

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