Carson of We Should Be GMs Remembers the ’93 Team

Carson is a little late to the party, but since he writes for one of our favorite local baseball blogs (We Should Be GMs), we’re gonna let him in anyway. Here were his thoughts on the ’93 team. 

The entire playoff experience was new to me. The Phils were good in my early years, but I was too young to remember that success. They clinched the NL pennant on my 13th birthday, so that was awesome. The World Series itself seemed like a ton of offense. I remember Nails and Molitor exchanging blows back and forth. I played for a Little League team called the Blue Jays at the time and had a hat or theirs and a poster on the bedroom wall…hated that. My Uncle lived in Philly was going to take me to the victory parade should the Phils win, but alas Carter ended it. Honestly, I cried. This is back in the day before my family had cable, so I stayed up at night listening to the games on the radio. Getting to watch them play in the postseason on tv was a treat, something now I take for granted.

My memories of the team are fond ones. I hold no animosity toward Mitch Williams. Mickey Morandini and Wes Chamberlain remain two of my favorite Phillies. The squad was a rag-tag bunch of ruffians that were enjoyable to follow.

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