This Week on PhilaPhilia

You Philly history and architecture geeks are in for a treat again this week. Some great stuff on the PhilaPhilia site.

OLD ASS BUILDING OF THE WEEKThe Witherspoon Building on South Juniper Street has been around since Big Ed Delahanty was roaming the Philadelphia outfield, and it’s just as impressive now as it was then.

BUTT FUGLY BUILDING OF THE WEEK: The One Parkway Building, with its obnoxious stainless steel facade. As the author says, it’s a “tower of dogsh*t.”

LOST BUILDING OF THE WEEK: If you are a big fan of Philadelphia history, this is a MUST READ. The Schenck Building is beyond awesome, and its story is really cool too.

EMPTY LOTS OF THE WEEK: 13th and Juniper and 13th and Locust. Incredibly, these have both been empty lots for 80 years.

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