This Week on PhilaPhilia

Our friends over at Philaphilia are blowing up right now, and with good reason. They’ve got one of the best local sites I’ve started following in some time. Here are some highlights on the site now.

The Old Ass Building of the Week. A building you probably don’t even notice as you’re staring up at at the Divine Lorraine across the street.

The Butt Fugly Building of the Week. The Wills Eye Hospital, home to some of the ugliest public art in Philly History.

The Lost Building of the Week. Pretty damn funny post about a Mason Lodge that stood for a mere 8 years before it burned down.

The Empty Lot of the Week. It’s actually a building this week. An ugly 1954 building that was abandoned in 1989 and has just been sitting around collecting weeds for 20+ years.

One Comment on “This Week on PhilaPhilia”

  1. Thanh says:

    home to some of the ugliest public art in Philly History : what do you mean?
    looks like you watch Piano Briefs lol

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