Phillies All-Time All Name Team

Here it is, the Phillies All-Time All-Name Team, the full 25 man roster. Please let me know in the comments anybody you think should have made the squad. (Click here to check out our all-moustache team)

CATCHERKlondike Douglas(1898-1904)

FIRST BASEChicken Hawks (1925)

2ND BASECookie Rojas (1963-1969)

3RD BASEPossum Whitted (1915-1919)

SHORTSTOPDickie Thon (1989-1991)

OUTFIELDBevo LeBorveau (1919-1922)

OUTFIELDBud Weiser (1915-1916)

OUTFIELDBake McBride (aka Shake ‘n’Bake, 1977-1981)


Bud Weiser

Bud Weiser

PITCHERS-Chief Bender (1916-1917, better known for the 12 years he spent with the A’s)

Boom-Boom Beck (1939-1942)

King Brady (1905)

Fabio Castro (2006-2007)

Lil Stoner (1931)

Phenomenal Smith (1890-1891)

Heathcliff Slocumb (1994-1995)

Ugueth Urbina (2005)

Antonio Bastardo (2009-?)

BENCH: Choo-Choo Coleman (1961)

Sixto Lezcano (1983-1984)

Pickles Dillhoefer (1918)

Deacon van Buren (1912)

Moose McCormick (1908)

Rabbit Benton (1922)

Bunny Madden (1911)

Mickey Morandini (1990-1997)

4 Comments on “Phillies All-Time All Name Team”

  1. Gonzo says:

    I always thought Dick Sisler was deceptively dirty.

  2. Dan Koch says:

    Since frequently-used nicknames seems to be fair game, I’m surprised to see Puddin’ Head Jones and Granny Hamner missing from this list. Bonus points for being the left half of the Phillies infield for ten years.

  3. Hey Dan, good point. This is a tough lineup to crack, however. I don’t think Granny Hamner makes the squad, but I think Puddin Head probably does. WHo does he replace? Deacon van Buren, perhaps?

  4. Dan Koch says:

    Van Buren would be my pick, although the Van Buren Boys are not gonna like that:

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