Best Nicknames in Eagles History

I wanted to do a best nicknames piece on each of the teams in Philly, and I thought I’d start with the Eagles. While there should be no shortage of Phillies and Sixers to choose from, there really aren’t that many great Eagle nicknames. There are a few, however. Here’s the 8 best ones I could think of. Do you have any to add to this list?

  1. “Concrete Charlie” Chuck Bednarik
  2. “The Polish Rifle” Ron Jaworski
  3. Earl “Greasy” Neale
  4. Andre “Dirty” Waters
  5. “FredEx” Freddie Mitchell
  6. “Toast” Izel Jenkins (right)
  7. “The Minister of Defense” Reggie White
  8. Marion “Swamp Fox” Campbell



5 Comments on “Best Nicknames in Eagles History”

  1. smitty says:

    axeman – trotter, weapon x – dawkins, dick the little dictator vermeil, freddie mitchell/james thrash/todd pinkston – legion of uselessness

  2. Bob Ream says:

    Pete “The Baron” Retzlaff…1956-1966…#44 retired by the Eagles & should be in the Pro Football HOF!

  3. -nickt.- says:

    fred ex was also “the people’s champ”

  4. Patricia Devine says:

    James “Scoopem up” Devine, shortstop, 1900’s

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