The Mysterious Eagles’ Male Cheerleader

Is that Clayton Endicott III?


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  1. George Mullins says:

    I had been a fan of the Eagles Cheerleaders during that time, mostly due to the magazine article about one Erin Stetser, but I never expected there to be an actual male cheerleader for the Eagles during that time.

    Such is the stuff of legends, or, so I’ve heard.

    • Ray Kramer says:

      I just found this site and photo. That male cheerleader was my brother Zachary Paul Kramer. He just passed away on July 1st. He was a lifelong educator and last taught in the NYC school system. I was writing his obituary for placement in the Delaware County Times and remembering that moment in his life, I checked the internet to see if there was any record of it.

      • Cheryl Snyder~Reape says:

        This picture brings back such memories……I was working with Paul when this whole experience happened! It was an awesome time……..Paul was an amazing person……he was so full of life and touched so many lives both professionally and personnally. I remember the news story that broke the day he made the squad…….they played “Let’s Here It for the Boys”! Well said! He will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him……who loved him.

      • Brian Whiteford says:

        Paul was my roommate at Lynchburg College in the 70’s. Such a great friend and I remember the time he told me he was an Eagle cheerleader. Skeptical until he showed me that picture. I am devastated he is no longer with us, but will remember all of our great times.

  2. Sari Bolnick says:

    So sad to read here that Paul Kramer passed away. Paul was the director of Children’s Education Center when my sons went there. Matt was 9 months old and Jesse was 3. they are now 30 and 33. He was a wonderful person and I really enjoyed our time at CEC because of Paul.

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