And Now a Word From Some of Our Sponsors

Without their generous support, this coverage of the 1911 World Series would not be possible.

While you’ve been reading all about this year’s World Series, your wife has grown to improper proportions. Fortunately, the good people at Lady Betty on 8th and Market are here to help with a World Series sale. $1.50 corsets are now on sale. Has the old lady gotten so large that even a corset won’t help rein her in? Then perhaps she should try Absorbo.

As stated above, Absorbo is different from all the others that claim they’re going to make you look less disgustingly obese. And best of all, you don’t need to do a thing except rub it on and let its new principle go to work on your fatty accumulations.

Finally, an opportunity to be your own dentist! Why pay a dentist to give you fillings when you can just do it yourself? Just go to Germantown, to the Galbraith Chemical Company, and get your hands on some Dento. In the future, everyone will do their own dental work. Why not get ahead of the curve?

*all of these ads taken from Philadelphia Inquirer during 1911 World Series.

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