And Now Back to the Future

It’s almost time to stand up and leave the ballpark. It’s been an incredible ride. For the people who have followed along, I hope it’s been half as much fun for you as it has been for me. For those who are just getting here, I will have a full encapsulation up on the site soon.

It’s been really cool getting to know the 1911 A’s and Giants, and I’ve had a ton of fun researching, particularly in going through old Inquirers. I also want to make mention of a book once again that has provided an incredible amount of insight to this Series. Connie Mack and the Early Years of Baseball is a terrific read, and had some amazing quotes. And it goes without saying that Baseball-Reference has been an incredibly integral part of this process.

We are not done yet. I will be back in the next day or two with an epilogue. Of course, at the time of this Series, none of these guys knew what destiny had in store for them. Their futures were as up in the air as yours or mine is today. That’s part of what made writing in the style of covering it live so much fun…I knew little of these guys as well, so it was all almost as fresh to me as it was when it rolled out of the paper 100 years ago. Some of the guys who played in this series went down in the history books as heroes (Home Run Baker and Christy Mathewson), others would go down in the history books as goats (Fred Merkle and Fred Snodgrass), and of course the vast majority of them would all but vanish from history. But the fun of running this site is that, for me and at least a few dozen other folks, they all came back to life for a couple of weeks.

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