Can’t Make It To Game 2 of the 1911 World Series? “Watch” It Live Here!


(October 16th, 1911) PHILADELPHIA– A recent technological advancement called the Playograph has made it possible to “watch” World Series games, even if you can’t make it to the ballpark, or even if you are in a completely different city. Thanks to the PSH Herald’s technological advances and the good people at, you can now join along with the thousands of fans in New York right now following Game 2 on a playograph outside of the New York Herald Building (above). Just click here and then click on “View Game”, and you can follow Game 2 of the 1911 World Series as it unfolds! You can read more about the Playograph here, in a fascinating (and short) article in the Yale Sheffield Monthly. You can see a closeup of that same board at the Herald Building below. We’ll have a full report on today’s game in tomorrow’s edition of the PSH Herald.

One Comment on “Can’t Make It To Game 2 of the 1911 World Series? “Watch” It Live Here!”

  1. Andrew says:

    Less painful than having to listen to Joe Buck.

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