Henry F. Ortlieb Has $1000 Stud Stolen at Game 4

One of Philadelphia’s finest citizens, Henry F. Ortlieb (for whom Ortlieb’s brewery is named) was robbed by a pack of bandits on his way out of Game 4 a few days ago. This from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

After rooting all game for Connie Mack’s team, Ortlieb, flushed with joy over the victory, was among the first to leave his seat when teh last Giant was retired on Eddie Collins throw to Davis. It was Ortlieb’s desire to avoid the crowd in the rush from the ballpark, and in doing so encountered the pickpockets while descending the stairs leading from the grandstand.

The thieves, who had evidently been watching the brewer and the large diamond in his necktie all through the game kept pace with him on the stairway. When he reached the bottom step, one of the pickpockets, who pretended it was an accident, lifted his overcoat from his arm and threw it in front of Ortlieb’s face. It was then that the brewer’s diamond was taken from his necktie, the theft being executed so cleverly that Ortlieb did not discover the loss until some distance from the baseball park.

We certainly hope those rapscallions are caught and brought to justice!

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