Outfield Matchups for 1911 World Series

(October 14th, 1911) NEW YORK–We wrap up with a look at the outfields of the two teams.In the above photo you’ll see from left to right Bris Lord, Rube Oldring, and Danny Murphy.

ATHLETICS-As good as the infield is, the outfield contains no flat tires either. Left fielder Bris Lord has some pop in his bat, racking up 37 doubles. It is yet to be determined who got the better end of the Lord for Shoeless Joe Jackson deal Mack made last year, but I think it could well be Lord. In Center and batting 2nd the A’s feature Rube Oldring, a New York City native who should right at home at the Polo Grounds. Right field is patrolled by the steady Danny Murphy, who may have a bone to pick with this Giants team. They released him in 1901. The A’s took a flyer on him the next year and my has it paid off handsomely. He had a career year this year, batting .329 and punching in 27 doubles.

GIANTS-Speed, speed and more speed. The fastest outfield ever assembled in baseball history. They have no power (7 homers combined all year) but they are a terror on the base paths. Josh Devore leads them with an impressive 61 swipes. The small Devore (he’s only 5’6″ tall) has a .280 average but a .376 OBP, the Giants left-fielder and leadoff hitter loves to bunt and draw walks so that he can utilize his speed on the basepaths. In center field you’ll find Fred Snodgrass, who loves to get on base and create havoc as well. He had a .393 OBP this season and swiped 51 bases. In right you’ll find Red Murray, who has the best arm of any right fielder in baseball, and who isn’t scared to steal a base or two himself, racking up 48 of them.

ADVANTAGE: A slight nod to McGraw’s men, as their speed on the basepaths is unlike anything every seen on a baseball diamond. Plan on seeing them tormenting A’s catcher Ira Thomas all Series long.

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