Six of the Greatest Moments in Cowboys-Eagles History


Desean Jackson’s Nestea Plunge.

Wilbert Montgomery 42-yard run to send the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

Donovan McNabb scrambles for 14 seconds and launches the ball 60 yards on the run to Freddie Mitchell.

James Willis intercepts Aikman in the end zone, then laterals to Troy Vincent who takes it the rest of the way to seal the Eagles win.

Buddy gets revenge on the Cowboys by having Randall fake a kneel down and throw a bomb late in a win over the Cowboys.

The Eagles stop Emmitt twice. The Cowboys go for it on 4th and 1. The Eagles stop them, but the refs say that the play didn’t count because it was the 2 minute warning. The Cowboys run Emmitt again, and the Eagles stop him again, then kick the winning field goal.

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