Who are the Most Underrated Athletes In Philly Sports History?

We’re gonna be working on a new project over the next couple of weeks, and we’re going to need your help. We want to come up with a list of the 20 most underrated athletes in Philadelphia sports history…athletes who are underrated by Philadelphians. In other words, not players that people slept on nationally, but guys who should be a lot better known right here in Philly, where they played. (We’ve already written about a few guys who will probably make the list, like Del Ennis and Joe Frazier.)  They can be Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Warriors, A’s, boxers, college athletes, tennis players, bocce sensations, etc.  So please post in the comments or on our facebook page or by sending us a note on twitter. Thanks! We’ll start posting the list on Wednesday after we hear your suggestions and discuss amongst ourselves.

5 Comments on “Who are the Most Underrated Athletes In Philly Sports History?”

  1. Underrated Flyers, Mark Howe, Timmonen
    Phillies, Manny Trillo….

  2. Gonzo says:

    Von Hayes.

  3. mike rossi says:

    Willie “Puddinhead” Jones. 3B Phillies. Best numbers of any third baseman in the 50s.

  4. mike rossi says:

    Cookie Rojas (Every position) Phillies
    The most versatile player I ever saw.

  5. mike rossi says:

    Doug Favell Goalie Flyers
    Solid goalie co-Vezina winner
    Lived in Bernie Parent’s huge shadow.

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