The 15 Most Underrated Athletes in Philadelphia History

Here’s our final list. A bartender who heard the list thought it should have been most under-appreciated, not underrated. “Everybody knew Joe Frazier was great, they just didn’t appreciate that he was great.” Perhaps a fair assessment, but I guess the final word here is that these are guys who don’t get their just due when great athletes in this city come up in conversation, and we want to make sure they don’t get overlooked. Whatever word best applies to guys who don’t get their just due, please feel free to apply. Feel free to agree, disagree with these in the comments. Thanks to Lalli for helping me put this together.

#1. Paul Arizin

#2. Hal Greer.

#3. Donovan McNabb.

#4. Ricky Watters.

#5. Joe Frazier.

#6. Bobby Abreu.

#7. Kimmo Timonen.

#8. Dick Allen.

#9. Eddie Plank.

#10. Del Ennis.

#11. Brad McCrimmon.

#12. Freddy Leach.

#13. Von Hayes.

#14. John LeClair.

#15. Byron Evans.


3 Comments on “The 15 Most Underrated Athletes in Philadelphia History”

  1. D Waite says:

    I think I’m getting hung up on the same thing as the bartender… I must think that underrated is much different than under appreciated because I don’t think that some of these guys are underrated. I think some were overrated at some point and that’s what made them underappreciated.

  2. Robin Landa says:

    You need to add another person to the list. HOWIE LANDA.This Philly Native not only set records at Central High as a player,in 1951/55 Playing at Lebanon Valley he was selected as one of top visiting players at Convention Hall. Also played at Palestra Upsetting Fordham in NCAA playoff game. Played for Navy team of Bainbridge setting multiple records/ voted 2nd All World service team. Played 6 yrs. Eastern Pro League for Sunberry along side John Chaney. Becoming a Coach/legend at Trenton Jr./ MercerCCC.Having the Court at MCCC, recently named in his honor. Howie also ws head Coach of Annie Meyers/Donna Geils who played for New Jersey Jems.Head Coach/BRILL in Italy,Head Coach UNLV & WNBA Cheryl Miller OF Phoenix Mercury. Howie appeared on Jim Barniak’s sports scrapbook in early 1980’s. Howie Landa is Philly’s Guru of x’s and o’s. Stated in artical of Philadelphia Inquire. To date Howie Landa is in 14 Hall of Fames. Howie’s career in Basketball, as Player/Coach & Mentor, Expands Way Beyond What I have written here!!
    Howie Landa (86yrs old) is retired now,still receiving calls from all around world for his knowledge of the game!
    Sincerely, R.Landa

  3. One of the most underrated hitters in the history of this franchise and arguably one of the most underrated hitters of all-time, Del Ennis was a force for the Phillies. 

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