Rooftop Bleachers Outside Shibe Park

A few days ago, JGT posted a really interesting 1946 drawing of Shibe Park.  In keeping with a Shibe Park theme, I found this spectacular shot of fans during the 1914 World Series on To see the photo in full size, click here.  You won’t be disappointed.

The remastered photo shows, in great detail, fans crowding the rooftop bleachers built by home owners along 20th Street outside Shibe Park.  These bleachers served as the inspiration for the “Rooftop Bleacher Section” at Citizens Bank Park.  The photo also shows, in great detail, just how poorly dressed fans are today.  Instead of having a cheesy 80s Retro Night, I say the Phils organize a “Back to the 1910s Night.”  I’ve been waiting for an occasion to break out my spats.

Although the fans along 20th Street may have had a nice view of the games, they didn’t go home pleased.  The A’s would lose this series to the “Miracle” Boston Braves in 4 games.


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  1. Matt says:

    I used to work with Francis “Frank” Cunningham who was Connie Mack’s grandson.
    Frank was a batboy as a kid for the Athletics not to mention lived with gramps!!
    Man, the stories he could tell….

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