Shibe Park Sunday

I never get tired of searching for Shibe Park stuff. Here are a few things I’ve stumbled across lately. (Above is a short video about Shibe from the MLB Network.)

Shibe Park’s 12-foot rightfield wall not only offered us a fine view of the ballgames, it allowed freeloading fans an opportunity to sneak into the park. Their antics, after getting a boost over the fence, often provided as much entertainment as the game. Landing in the outfield, they snaked their way toward the stands, drawing cheers and jeers from the crowd, as they dodged security guards and the stream from the firehose. Parenthetically, this was the only water spectators would see, as the frugal Connie Mack banned water fountains in order to boost soft-drink sales.

  • A radio broadcast of Richie Allen’s first at bats in Shibe Park as a member of the Cardinals. He had been traded away from the Phillies the previous season in a deal that was similar to the Scott Rolen situation. Insanely talented, feuded with management, and fans took their leaving for St. Louis personally. The crowd only numbered 11,759 that day, but they go¬†nuts each time he steps to the plate, and when he strikes out in his 3rd at bat it sounds like the team just won the pennant. And they go completely bats*** crazy when he hits a homer in his 4th at bat. Also fun to hear By Saam calling the game.



  • And of course I’m not going to leave you without an awesome Shibe Park photo. I got this off the BEST baseball forum on the interweb. is just mindblowingly awesome. If you are a baseball history junkie like me, I heartily encourage you to join.

Here’s a pic of Shibe on the morning of the final game played there.


3 Comments on “Shibe Park Sunday”

  1. Mark Komp says:

    Great clips! Boy were we spoiled in this town with By Saam and Harry Kalas for over 70 consecutive hears of HoF broadcasting. Really cool to hear Whitey doing color for Saam!

  2. Yeah, I’m planning on doing a big By Saam piece soon. Never got to hear him live….supposedly he called more losses than any announcer in sports history, since he announced for both the A’s and Phillies when both were absolutely terrible! (I have to think Vin Scully has called more losses by now, even though the Dodgers are usually pretty good.)

  3. Ken Bland says:

    Have to echo with appreciation the audio if Crash Allen’s first game back. Beyong amazing is the noise from <12k at 21st and Lehigh.

    Fabulous to her the smooth tones of one Byrum Saam. Classy move by the club to have him on the division clincher in '76 after all the years of misery wrapped with his retirement in '75.

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