Annnnd We’re Back

Crazy summer. Did a full time gig with Comcast for five weeks on top of my regular job and then went on vacation for two weeks. Currently I’m trying to play vacation catchup. But I’m gonna have some football up in the next few days. In the meantime, a few Philly Sports History notes.

Above is a concession menu from Shibe in 1954, courtesy of our friends at the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society. No Schmitter but plenty of cigarette options!

Eagles great Steve Van Buren passed away a couple of weeks ago. Here is his obituary in the New York Times. And here’s his obit by Ray Didinger, both in video and writing. RIP to the man Ray Didi refers to as the “Greatest Running Back in Eagles history”.

Sarge came out with a book ranking his top Phillies at each position. I gotta admit, not much fault to find with his rankings.




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