Fans Camped Out 36 Hours for Game 3 Tickets

A line formed starting at 9:50 p.m. Wednesday night, with Mrs. J. Franklin Kratz (above, in rocking chair), of 2101 West Somerset Street, at the head of the line. She brought over a rocking chair and a blanket for both her shoulders and knees. In talking with her last night, it appeared she was ready to make a few bucks off the venture as well. With a house right down the street from the ballpark, and family members coming by every couple of hours to provide her with company and sustenance, “We have laid in a supply of hot dogs and sandwiches, and I think we’ll go into business when this line becomes longer. However, you won’t see this chair vacated. The Kratz family will have representation when that window opens. We are going to see the opening game and that’s all there is to it. The long wait? ¬†Oh that’s nothing. Look how comfortable it is here, and besides, the fresh air will do me good. Just like camping out.”

The reason for the camping out? There are only bleachers seats still available for Game 3, which went on sale for $1 this morning. The ticket that Mrs. Kratz received in return for her diligence is seen below. Behind her in line, on a bench, was one Mr. William Tennyson from Port Richmond. He brought 15 sandwiches and a giant jug of water.

“I haven’t seen the Athletics play since 1915, but I’m going to see Friday’s game or bust. I play pretty good ball myself and I know good ball playing. We hold our games a couple of times a week over behind the glue factory.”

A group of scalpers who got shut out on tickets came up with a new moneymaking scheme…they would hold your place in line for you, for the right price. Game 3 starts today at 2 p.m. We’ll have it live here.

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  1. Jack Rooney says:

    The Kratz family owned the Drug Store on the NW corner of 21st and Somerset.

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