Rooftop Controversy Settled

Some of you may remember that during the 1911 World Series, fans who were lucky enough to own a house just beyond the Shibe Park right field sold perches above their homes to baseball fans (They also did it in 1914, above). They did the same the past few years when the Yanks came to town. Well, they are really ready to line their pockets this year, with the World Series coming to town  for Games 3,4, and 5 (if needed). Connie Mack and the A’s are none too happy about it, and tried to get the city to shut the rooftop business down. As recently as last week, this was reported:

Morris Brooks, chief of the Bureau of Building Inspection, issued another order against “rooftop bleachers”.

“Nobody has received any permits to build any bleachers and inspectors will be sent out tomorrow to issue condemnations against any structure of that that kind. I don’t want to be a wet blanket,” Chief Brooks apologized, “but fans are not going to be permitted to watch the ball games from the roofs.”

Mrs. Elizabeth Durnin, of 2729 North 20th Street, said that “police can’t stop anyone from letting people come into their homes unless the house is condemned.”
It turned out that Mrs. Durnin was correct. After taking the city to court, three judges concluded that the city could not prevent people from doing what they wanted with their homes. That said, the people who want to charge people to go on their roof must have bleachers installed and a railing atatched to the front of the bleachers.
The bleachers could hold up to 80 people, with more gathered in front of bay windows. When you keep in mind that the wives and children also sell refreshments, the families on 20th street can really make a pretty penny these next few days. Seats in these bleachers are expected to go for at least $10 a pop, and there are rumors that property values in that part of town have gone up, since with the A’s looking like they’ll be good for years to come, there should be plenty more money making opportunities.

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