And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

The World Series starts Monday in Chicago. You may not be able to go to Chicago, but you can still enjoy all of the sights and sounds of the game LIVE! That’s right, with an Atwater Kent radio, the highest quality radio in all the land, you can listen to the great Graham McNamee and his sidekick, the young but enthusiastic Ted Husing, call every pitch of every game. As you know, Atwater Kent radios are the finest made in the country, as Mr. Kent himself would not put his name on them if they were not. Since opening his plant at 4745 Wissahickon Avenue in 1924, he has produced nothing but the highest quality radios. They are the largest maker of radios in the US, with their 12,000 workers making one million radios annually. As a large manufacturer, he can pass the savings on to you. (A picture of that same model seen above is posted below.)

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