Hello and Welcome to the 1929 World Series!

Yes, the Phillies are done but there will still be October baseball in Philadelphia! It’s time for our annual “Baseball Geek World Series”. We did the 1911 World Series last year and we had so much fun with it we decided to to it again. Again, I will be reporting as Hap Jackson, sports reporter for the Philadelphia Bugle. I will be reporting from the Series as if I’m there live, and we’ll be showing the games live on the Play-O-Graph. I’ll post tons of old photos and even a little bit of video of the 1929 tilt between the A’s and the Cubs.

And a bonus we’re adding this year: We’re going to get insight from Jack Rooney, a prof at LaSalle who grew up on 20th Street and whose parents sold rooftop bleacher seats for people to watch the World Series from. He actually recently wrote a book about it. There was a lot of controversy about that (Mack hated the rooftop bleachers) and it was all over the papers in the days leading up to the Series. Pretty incredible that we have a guy who was there (he was a 6 year old kid at the time) to talk to us about it. I published part of my interview with him in the Philly Post, but there is still plenty more you’ll read on here in the days to come from that great interview. We’ll start on Wednesday, with a look at the two teams, the AL champion Philadelphia A’s and the NL Champ Chicago Cubs. The first game will be played on Monday, October 8th. This was a great Series, with several superstars and a lot of drama, and one of the most memorable innings in World Series history. Going to be posting about it every day for the next couple weeks.

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