Phillies All-Time All Name Team

Here it is, the Phillies All-Time All-Name Team, the full 25 man roster. Please let me know in the comments anybody you think should have made the squad. (Click here to check out our all-moustache team)

CATCHERKlondike Douglas(1898-1904)

FIRST BASEChicken Hawks (1925)

2ND BASECookie Rojas (1963-1969)

3RD BASEPossum Whitted (1915-1919)

SHORTSTOPDickie Thon (1989-1991)

OUTFIELDBevo LeBorveau (1919-1922)

OUTFIELDBud Weiser (1915-1916)

OUTFIELDBake McBride (aka Shake ‘n’Bake, 1977-1981)


Bud Weiser

Bud Weiser

PITCHERS-Chief Bender (1916-1917, better known for the 12 years he spent with the A’s)

Boom-Boom Beck (1939-1942)

King Brady (1905)

Fabio Castro (2006-2007)

Lil Stoner (1931)

Phenomenal Smith (1890-1891)

Heathcliff Slocumb (1994-1995)

Ugueth Urbina (2005)

Antonio Bastardo (2009-?)

BENCH: Choo-Choo Coleman (1961)

Sixto Lezcano (1983-1984)

Pickles Dillhoefer (1918)

Deacon van Buren (1912)

Moose McCormick (1908)

Rabbit Benton (1922)

Bunny Madden (1911)

Mickey Morandini (1990-1997)