No-Hitter Trivia

Here’s a round from the sports quiz I hosted last weekend at City Tap House.

  1. Who threw 12 perfect innings in a game in 1959, only to lose his no-hitter, and the game, in the 13th?
  2. On June 29th, 1990, two pitchers threw a no-hitter on the same day, the only time that’s happened since 1898. One did so for the Oakland A’s, the other for the LA Dodgers. Who were they?
  3. When Nolan Ryan threw his 5th no-hitter, he broke the record of the youngest man ever elected to the Hall of Fame. Who was he?
  4. What team was no-hit 3 times between July 2009 and June 2010?
  5. Five Phillies threw no-hitters between 1964 and 2003. One point for each one you get, with a bonus point if you get all 5.
  6. What active MLB catcher has the record for most no-hitters caught, with 4?
  7. In 1917, the starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox got thrown out of the game after walking the first batter. He was replaced by Ernie Shore, who retired the next 27 players in order. WHo was the starting pitcher, who got tossed?
  8. Only one player has ever thrown a no-hitter at Camden Yards, and only one player has ever thrown a no-hitter at Coors Field. It is the same person. Incredibly, both times he was a visiting player. He pitched for 8 different teams in hhis career, and is one of only 5 players to throw no-hitters in both leagues. Who is he?
  9. In 1990, Andy Hawkins pitched a no-hitter but lost 4-0 to the White Sox due to three errors in the 8th inning. What team was he pitching for?
  10. Not including the Washington Nationals, what are the only two teams in MLB to never throw a single no-hitter?

Bonus (Be w/in 3 either way): Edwin Jackson threw a no-hitter last year, but struggled with control the whole game and set a new MLB record for most pitches thrown in a no-no. How many?

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